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315 Klahanie Court
West Vancouver, British Columbia
604 985 8636, 604-787-3097
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Christopher Wallace

North Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Simon Bicknell

West Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Riaz Mavani

West Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Mike Zuccaro

North Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Bill Sievewright

North Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Cathy Covernton

North Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Annette Johanson

North Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Mary McGivern

West Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Lynn Broman

West Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Rick Kochanski

Surrey, British Columbia, CA

Thomas Brinkman

British Columbia, CA

Diane Grady

New Westminster, British Columbia, CA

Hank Wang

British Columbia, CA

Max Gillanders

Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Liam Marrison

West Vancouver, British Columbia, CA
  • 6th Jul, 2020 - Hello, Here is the link and QR Code to the online Health Declaration form for Minors.  This form needs to be submitted each time you use the club.   Minor form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfnHuplQFGesd7uEI_WgyN23bNOXTvl2tE2X2IFOkz8WbdAhA/viewform?usp=sf_link   QR Code below:  

  • 6th Jul, 2020 - Hello Here is the Link and QR CODE (below - scan with phone) to the online Adult version of the Evergreen Health Declaration form.  This needs to be submitted each time you use the club. Adult form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdtdrKYILEqVZgf3F8qVFIuLo4bDSp13EmzWOVS9BBBy6ik-A/viewform?usp=sf_link   QR Code below:

  • 6th Jul, 2020 - Hello, Attached are the latest Member Guidelines as of July 1, 2020.  Please make sure you understand all the health related guidelines and pay special attention to how the new 5 person "Bubble" works!  

  • 22nd Jun, 2020 - In order to keep the club open and keep our members safe, we all must follow the guidelines attached.  These will be updated as we move from one phase to the next.  They will also be posted on the Evergreen website.  If you have any questions please contact Cathy at manager@evergreensquash.com.  Thank-you!  

  • 18th Mar, 2020 - Attention Members, Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we have closed Evergreen until further notice.  Stay healthy and safe!  We hope to see you all back on court sooner rather than later. CC/BOD

  • 9th Mar, 2020 - The current Singles Box Ladder ends March 15th. Sign up for the next cycle will also close March 15th. Be reminded that most schools close for spring break March 16th - 27th. If you will be away for a week or two, please do not sign up for the next cycle.   Opting in and opting out: Evergreen Squash Club’s Box Ladder Singles.     The box ladder has two seasons; September to April and May to…

  • 9th Mar, 2020 - Spring Break will be March 16- 27th for most schools. Check your calendar.  Any conflicts with leagues or other scheduled events at the club? Plan ahead and avoid the headaches of conflicts.   LB

  • 17th Feb, 2020 - If you are in the new cycle and do not wish to be in, send a note to Lynn Broman If you are not in but wish to be in, send a note to Lynn Broman. Cycle is from Monday February 17th to Sunday March 15th. Lynn Broman

  • 17th Feb, 2020 - Next week, Sunday Feb 23rd, noon, 1pm, and 2pm have been booked for lessons. 3 somes plus Thomas is the usual format.  Foursome are also possible with Thomas watching and giving input. BC’s are coming up, so if any pairs wish to apply do that ASAP. $25 per person per hour payable at time of lesson. Groups are restricted to those of similar skill level.  Players who are part of the hump of the bell…

  • 16th Feb, 2020 - The current cycle, Jan -Feb about to close. New cycle to begin by Feb 19th. Players who are returning after an absence or are new to Evergreen Box Ladder Singles should send a note to Lynn Broman. Current players should check their status re opted in or opting out according to their intentions for the next cycle. Players with a few blank results should confirm their intentions for the next cycle.   Lynn  

  • 13th Jan, 2020 - Jan-February cycle.An email was sent Monday, Jan 13, 2020, to all participants of the Jan-Feb cycle.Please let Lynn Broman know ASAP if you have had change of heart etc. Anyone that missed being included may send a note to Lynn Broman.Plenty of players coming back in and some new players as well as some taking a break. There may be some minor changes with late entries or dropouts. Plan early!. Tips from some of the…

  • 30th Jun, 2019 - Signing up and dropping out of Open Singles Box Ladder. Our OSBL has an automatic opt-in. Members must take action to not be automatically included. On your SHQ HOME page on the left sidebar:                 See EVERGREEN SQUASH CLUB for a list of navigation links.                 See OPEN SINGLES BOX LADDER (EVERGREEN) The current box ladder is indicated by start and end dates. There are two statements below that, which are toggles to be included…

  • 23rd Jun, 2016 -   John Burris Memorial Award: Cathy Covernton The John Burris Memorial Award is presented annually to a squash player who competes at the Open/A level and consistently demonstrates sportsmanlike conduct both on and off the court while maintaining a high level of play. Cathy Covernton is a singles and doubles squash player who avidly participates in leagues, tournaments and regular match play and has won numerous titles over the years at an A/Open level. She…

  • 23rd Jun, 2016 - President’s Plate Award: Lynn Broman & Rick Kochanski The President’s Plate is awarded for the best supporter of our game and our Association. Rick and Lynn have been instrumental in ensuring the existing of the city doubles league. They have volunteered countless hours over the past 15+ years. They have been tireless in their scheduling, forming the teams, their communication to the community and working through rankings both in Quick-Draws and now with SportyHQ. They have…

  • 9th Jun, 2016 - On behalf of the board, I am very happy announce that for outstanding services to Evergreen, Rick “coach” Kochanski has been awarded an Honorary Lifetime Membership at Evergreen Squash Club. When announced at the AGM, it was to huge applause as every member at the Club – past, present and likely future - has been touched by the work Rick has done on our current and new website.  I think all of us have probably…

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