Introductory Coaching Session with Jay Molloy

Start Date:
15th April 2019, 12:00am
End Date:
31st May 2019, 12:00am

Jay Molloy is a Premier League player and accredited Club Development Coach that can help with tactical, technical or physical improvement of your game at Tonsley 24/7 Squash.
Purchasing this item entitles you a 45 minute coaching or hitting partner session for with Jay for only $25, including the court cost.
Limit of 1 per person due to this being an introductory offer, as Jay's normal 45 minute rate is $40 plus court costs.
This offer will run at 24/7 Squash@Tonsley from April 15 to may 31.
To redeem this session you must email or phone Jay to ensure that both he and the court are available at an agreed time for your coaching session.
Once the date and time are agreed upon, Jay will book the court.
Jay's contact details are: M. 0400 641 397 E:

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31st May, 2019
Introductory Coaching Session with Jay N/A 25.00 N/A