Creating Assets, booking types- Peak time setup

  • Created : 3rd January, 2017
  • Last Updated: 18th January, 2017

Table of Contents

To Create Assets

To create courts, choose Assets from the Bookings menu 

Next choose the +Asset button

All Assets can be created in one process.

Firstly Name your first asset 

Select the dicipline. If your discipline is not avaliable you will need to return to your club settings and change the disciplines. 

To Select the Allow Bookings either hours, days or weeks in advance. Now select to either hide the names on the booking or display them. 

Choose the calendar border colour either leave as default or the select from the drop down menu. 

To complete this section click the Allow Wait Listing. Yes or No.

Asset Linking:

In some cases, you may want to allow bookings to block off two assets. For example, if you have courts with movable walls that block off another court, then you would link this first asset to the second asset that will become unavailable. In this example, when people try to book this first court, they will be given the option of if it's just the single court booking, or if they are also booking the second "linked" court.

To complete creating your assets you will need to name then in the last section. 

The last section is the disclaimer . If you'd like to display some disclaimer text on the asset reservation page (right before people click "Reserve"), then please enter it in this block.

To apply to all assets highlight the Apply this same disclaimer to every other asset.

To Complete click the Create Button. 

Once created all the assets are listed on the Assets page and will look like this.


+ Booking Types

To create a booking type click on the + Booking Type button

A full list of booking types can be seen , if your selection is not there you may create your own by clicking the + Create New Booking Type

Click in the Name block , Create the description you need. 

Now select whether only availiable for admin to choose or all members. 

Now select if you require a report on the new booking type

Next choose either to have a Show Booking Length Option or an unlimited length.

 Once the forms are complete , click submit.

How to set Peak time and off Peak

 To set Peak time and off peak times once the asset is created go to Booking Setup

To setup the times you can either import from another court or create the slots yourself.

Note: If you import settings from another court all other settings on this court will be overwritten 


To create the slots you set the gaps you require in a 24hr clock format for the day.  At this stage you will need to have your membership Types setup. To do this see Member Types under the club settings menu.



Next you choose the membership type that may book a court at that time. You can also choose which days of the week you wish to copy the time slots to, click copy to complete the setup. To copy to another court use the import function as described above import booking settings.