Membership Renewals

2017/18 Membership Renewals

Hi Everyone,

Yes - unbelievable though it may be…it's close to THAT time of year again!!! Renewal time for the 2017/2018 season of the BEST game on the planet!!!!

The good news is that unlike everything else around us it seems, our Evergreen fees are remaining the same this season as last season. As a board and as a Club, it is very important to maintain our levels of membership and also to attract new members. Our fee structure is extremely reasonable when compared to other clubs and the monthly payment option makes it manageable for all. Please be assured, our budget is still to break even over the year so life at the Club continues as normal.

As mentioned at the AGM, we are considering some capital expenditures to replace furniture and spruce things up a bit (you have likely noticed some tree trimming going on recently to try and manage the birds that appear to like pecking at our building). These potential expenditures will be reviewed later this year but monies will be taken from our investments to fund them and members will be consulted and informed throughout this process.

Attached are the forms that you need to fill out and give to Cathy — one is the usual renewal form and the other is another PAD form for monthly payment if you want to use that option.We would like to emphasize again, however, that even if you are paying monthly, the commitment is to twelve monthly payments for an annual membership.Wording has been added to these two forms to clarify. The Club relies on this cash flow to meet its budget to maintain the courts and provide a great facility for all members. Even if you choose not to play for a month or so, your membership is still an annual one.

If you are already paying monthly, you do not need to put all the bank information on the form again — just write on there "bank details unchanged", sign it and give it to Cathy with your renewal form.

So, please get the paperwork out of the way early and get the forms to Cathy — renewals are due September 1st.

Evergreen Squash Club Board of Directors

Required Forms

Everyone is asked to complete the following forms (see above):