Squash Australia

Name Where When
Gold Coast PSA Satellite 15th Jan to 19th Jan
Carrara Junior Open - Bronze 19th Jan to 19th Jan
Junior High Performance Camp 20th Jan to 24th Jan
WA Talent Squad Camp 29th Jan to 30th Jan
New Year's Bash - Silver 31st Jan to 1st Feb
West Coast Open 31st Jan to 1st Feb
Name Where When
Australian National Championships 2020 7th Feb to 9th Feb
Battle of Belmont 7th Feb to 7th Feb
Taylor Range Junior Open - AJST Bronze 9th Feb to 9th Feb
Ingle Farm Junior - Bronze 14th Feb to 14th Feb
Australian Doubles Open 2020 14th Feb to 16th Feb
Mackay - Bronze 15th Feb 9:00am to 16th Feb 4:00am
Hilton Exploder Junior - bronze 15th Feb to 15th Feb
Junior One Day Challenge - Bronze 16th Feb 9:00am to 16th Feb 4:00pm
Maroochydore Junior Open - Bronze 16th Feb 9:00am to 16th Feb 5:00pm
Esperance Open (PSA) 29th Feb to 2nd Mar
Esperance Junior - Silver 29th Feb to 2nd Mar
Broome Junior - bronze 29th Feb to 2nd Mar
South West Masters Teams 29th Feb to 2nd Mar
ACT Masters Tournament 29th Feb 8:00am to 1st Mar 4:00pm
Name Where When
Tasmanian Doubles Championship 1st Mar to 1st Mar
Barossa Inhouse Junior - Bronze 6th Mar to 6th Mar
Ingle Farm Junior - Bronze 6th Mar to 6th Mar
SA Racquetball Open 7th Mar 9:00am to 8th Mar 4:00pm
Moora Open 13th Mar to 15th Mar
Masters Lightning Evening 13th Mar to 13th Mar
Townsville - Bronze 14th Mar 9:00am to 15th Mar 4:00am
Marmion Junior Classic - Bronze 14th Mar to 14th Mar
Gold Coast Doubles Open 14th Mar to 14th Mar
Tasmanian Junior Open - Gold 14th Mar to 15th Mar
Daisy Hill Junior Open - AJST Bronze 15th Mar to 15th Mar
Somerton Junior - Bronze 15th Mar to 15th Mar
SCSC Anthony Ricketts Challenge - Silver event 21st Mar to 22nd Mar
Ipswich Junior Open - Bronze 22nd Mar 9:00am to 22nd Mar 5:00pm
Mandurah Open 27th Mar to 29th Mar
North-West Tasmanian Masters 27th Mar to 29th Mar
Club Development Coaching Course 28th Mar to 29th Mar
Ingle Farm Junior - Silver 29th Mar to 29th Mar
Name Where When
Sandgate Squash MS Open 2020 - PSA $5k W 3rd Apr to 6th Apr
Campbelltown Open 3rd Apr 6:00pm to 4th Apr 4:00pm
State Referee Course 9th Apr to 13th Apr
Oceania Junior Championships 2020 - Platinum 10th Apr to 13th Apr
Trans-Tasman Test Match 14th Apr to 15th Apr
WA Closed 17th Apr to 19th Apr
Head Junior Classic - Silver 18th Apr to 19th Apr
Brisbane Junior Open - AJST Silver 18th Apr to 19th Apr
Barossa Junior - Bronze 19th Apr to 19th Apr
Name Where When
Cairns - Silver 2nd May 9:00am to 3rd May 4:00am
Gold Coast Junior Championships - Silver 2nd May 9:00am to 3rd May 4:00pm
Geraldton Open 2nd May to 3rd May
Geraldton Junior Open - Bronze 2nd May to 3rd May
Whyalla Open - Senior Graded and Junior (Silver) 9th May 9:00am to 10th May 4:00pm
Broome Invitational Tournament 15th May to 17th May
Masters Hilton Classic 16th May to 17th May
Clare Junior- Bronze 24th May to 24th May
Golden Open - PSA 29th May to 1st Jun
Golden Junior Open - Silver 29th May to 1st Jun
Coffs Junior Classic - Silver 30th May 9:00am to 31st May 4:00pm
City of Kalgoorlie Golden Open - PSA M5 W5 30th May to 1st Jun
Name Where When
Talent Development Coaching Course 4th Jun to 7th Jun
Southern Region Junior - Bronze 14th Jun 9:00am to 14th Jun 5:00pm
City of Devonport Tasmanian Open PSA M$5k, W$2k Satellite 18th Jun to 21st Jun
Tasmanian Squash Open - Men's PSA Challenger 5, Women's PSA Satellite 19th Jun to 21st Jun
Devonport Squash Open 19th Jun to 21st Jun
South West Open 20th Jun to 21st Jun
South Adelaide Junior - Silver 21st Jun to 21st Jun
Bendigo International 2020 PSA M5 W5 25th Jun to 28th Jun
2020 QLD Junior Championships - Individuals 28th Jun 9:00am to 1st Jul 4:00pm
Interschool Squash Competition 30th Jun to 1st Jul
Name Where When
Victorian Open 2020 PSA M5 W5 2nd Jul to 5th Jul
2020 Queensland Junior Championships - Teams 3rd Jul 9:00am to 5th Jul 4:00pm
Tasmanian Masters 3rd Jul to 5th Jul
SA Open 4th Jul 9:00am to 5th Jul 4:00pm
2020 SA Junior Age - Gold 4th Jul 9:00am to 5th Jul 4:00pm
Mirrabooka Classic 4th Jul to 5th Jul
State Junior Champs Individual - Gold 4th Jul to 5th Jul
State Junior Champs - Teams 6th Jul to 7th Jul
National Coaches Conference 8th Jul to 12th Jul
Australian Junior Open 2020 - Platinum 9th Jul to 12th Jul
International Training Camp 13th Jul to 17th Jul
National Referee Workshop 18th Jul to 18th Jul
WSF World Junior Championships 2020 (Individuals) 19th Jul to 24th Jul
State Masters Championships 24th Jul to 26th Jul
WSF World Junior Championships 2020 (Teams) 25th Jul to 30th Jul
Shepparton International 2020 PSA M5 W5 30th Jul to 2nd Aug
Name Where When
FeNaCing Championships 1st Aug to 2nd Aug
Campbelltown Junior - Bronze 2nd Aug to 2nd Aug
Toowoomba Junior Open - Bronze 9th Aug 9:00am to 9th Aug 5:00pm
Squash Melbourne Open 2020 PSA M5 W5 13th Aug to 16th Aug
WA OPEN 14th Aug to 16th Aug
2020 Vikings Junior Challenge - Silver 15th Aug to 16th Aug
Roberts & Morrow North Coast Open PSA Challenger Tour 5 - Graded & Junior Event 20th Aug 9:00am to 23rd Aug 4:00pm
Kingsborough Open 22nd Aug to 23rd Aug
Naracoorte Junior - Silver 23rd Aug to 23rd Aug
Australian Open 2020 PSA $10k MW 26th Aug to 30th Aug
Leschenault Classic Teams Challenge 29th Aug to 30th Aug
Name Where When
South Adelaide Junior - Bronze 5th Sep to 5th Sep
Masters/Juniors Tournament 6th Sep to 1st Jan
Northern Tasmanian Masters 12th Sep to 13th Sep
Labrador Junior Open - Bronze 13th Sep 9:00am to 13th Sep 5:00pm
South Canberra Squash Club Inaugural Open Tournament 18th Sep to 20th Sep
Cambridge Junior Teams Event 19th Sep to 20th Sep
Australian Junior Championships 2020 Individuals - Platinum 26th Sep to 29th Sep
Aus UniSport Nationals Div 1 & Div 2 26th Sep to 2nd Oct
WA Country Teams Champs 26th Sep to 28th Sep
Name Where When
Australian Junior Championships 2020 Teams 1st Oct to 4th Oct
Maddington/Gosnells - Bronze 7th Oct to 7th Oct
Hilton Open 9th Oct to 10th Oct
Australian Masters - Individuals 12th Oct to 16th Oct
One Day Enduro - Bronze 18th Oct 9:00am to 18th Oct 4:00pm
Southern Region Junior - Bronze 18th Oct to 18th Oct
Australian Masters - Teams 19th Oct to 23rd Oct
Club Development Coaching Course 24th Oct to 25th Oct
Iron Triangle Senior & Junior Graded (bronze) 24th Oct 9:00am to 25th Oct 4:00pm
Busselton Open 30th Oct to 1st Nov
Name Where When
Pan Pacific Masters Games 2020 7th Nov to 12th Nov
Gympie Junior Open - Bronze 8th Nov to 8th Nov
Spring Teams Event 14th Nov to 15th Nov
BodySmith Junior - Bronze 15th Nov to 15th Nov
RACT Insurance City of Clarence Squash Championships 27th Nov to 29th Nov
Cambridge Junior Champs - Bronze 28th Nov to 29th Nov
Cambridge Open 28th Nov to 29th Nov
Name Where When
High Performance Coaching Course 1st Dec to 1st Dec
Australian Club Championships 11th Dec to 13th Dec
July 2021
Name Where When
WSF World Doubles Championships 2021 1st Jul to 5th Jul
Sanctioned Leagues
Squash Australia is the National Governing Body for the iconic sport of squash in Australia. Squash is a iconic gold medal winning sport with a thriving participation base across Australia.
Sub Organizations
Contact Info
Sports House, Office 9
150 Caxton Street
Milton, Queensland 4064
+61 7 3367 3200

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